mergerOvizio Imaging Systems, an innovative microscopy company specializing in automated cell culture monitoring systems, and Pall Life Sciences, a global leader in biopharmaceutical fluid management, have announced the signing of a long-term global supply agreement for the iLine S microscope. The financial terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.

Ovizio has collaborated with Pall for several years to customize the iLine S microscope and will now further improve the technology. The microscope has been specifically designed for use with Pall’s technology and will be commercialized as part of Pall’s Xpansion cell production platform; the first fully closed bioreactor for large-scale production of adherent stem cells. The partnership will give both Ovizio and Pall a competitive advantage in the expanding cell therapy market.

“With the iLine S quantitative microscope, our customers will now benefit from automated production supervision, reduced production costs and accurate, efficient cell culture monitoring,” said Mario Philips, President of Single-Use Technologies at Pall Life Sciences.

The partnership, along with the addition of the iLine S system to the product line, will secure additional revenue and open up new market opportunities for Ovizio. It will allow Ovizio to connect with global distribution networks and to gain access to Pall’s international client base. This is Ovizio’s second major partnership offering dedicated solutions to the bio pharmaceutical industry.

“This agreement strengthens our long-standing relationship with Pall Life Sciences. We are happy to continue the partnership. This agreement reinforces our position as leaders in the quantitative cell imaging market,” said Philip Mathuis, CEO of Ovizio. “We are working in close partnership with Pall to develop the next generation of microscopes to take cell therapy technology to the next level.”

The iLine S microscope’s unique features include automated morphology and cell count, along with confluence monitoring in multiple layers using a label-free and automated system. The Xpansion cell culture system can now be ordered via Pall’s sales channels with the iLine S microscope.