Contract Services OutsourcingNovAliX, a drug discovery focused contract research organisation (CRO) has signed a multi-year insourcing agreement with Belgian biopharmaceutical company UCB Biopharma.

Under the terms of the agreement, NovAliX will deliver on-site discovery chemistry services to support small molecules drug discovery programmes. Details of the agreement have not been disclosed.

NovAliX offers a unique collaborative model for insourcing operations in chemistry, biophysics and drug discovery.

Its model is based on the proximity created by the client’s and NovAliX’s teams both operating on the client’s site. This proximity allows faster turnaround time and improves cost efficiency, thanks to the optimal use of existing available research laboratories and equipment at the client’s premises.

This insourcing model also enables local teams at various sites to share best practices to improve efficiency.

“This new collaborative agreement acknowledges not only the benefits of insourcing as a cost-efficient sourcing approach, it also proves that it’s a scientifically sound model,” said Stephan Jenn, President of NovAliX. “Our agreement with UCB shows that pharma companies today focus on new innovative sourcing models.”

NovAliX currently works with five partners from the top 50 pharma companies, as well as seven research sites across Europe, all operating on the colocated research programme model. It has 7 years of expertise in insourcing operations in chemistry, biophysics and, more recently, drug discovery.