shutterstock_117241186The market interest surrounding anti-tumour CAR-T therapies was one of the defining themes of 2014 and investor enthusiasm for the area is unlikely to abate in 2015. But there may be hidden dangers for those seeking to make big returns, according to a new report published by EP Vantage, the editorial arm of market intelligence firm Evaluate Ltd.

“CAR-T therapy looks like it’s becoming little short of a revolution in the treatment of some cancer types, but numerous risks are being lost in the hype,” said Jacob Plieth, report author and EP Vantage reporter. “It is important to appreciate the risks as well as the opportunities to have a clear understanding of the market potential of these therapies and their developers.”

CAR-T therapies aim to activate the body’s immune system to fight tumour cells. As CAR-T therapies progress down the development pathway the report, “Not for the Faint of CAR-T: The CAR-T Therapy Landscape in 2015” explores some of the key issues being raised, including

  • The fact that very few patients have been treated through CAR-T clinical trials and adverse events have led to patient deaths;
  • The fear that companies like Juno Therapeutics and Kite Pharma could now face massive risks to their valuations in what is an increasingly crowded space, one that could be characterised by extensive litigation over intellectual property;
  • The reality that deals will continue as companies scramble to jump on the CAR-T bandwagon, pushing asset prices sky-high.

However, with risks come opportunities. The report also identifies which smaller stocks could follow the trajectory of Juno and Kite and examines the next hot CAR-T related technologies to watch.

This comprehensive report covers

  • The most promising candidates in development
  • The most clinically advanced products
  •  A detailed look at the largely ignored risks of CAR-T therapy
  • Strategies to increase safety
  • Intellectual property issues
  • Beyond CAR-T – the next generation of product
  • Smaller companies to watch

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