Hosokawa Nobility VercomThe new Hosokawa Nobilta Vercom particle surface enhancement machine offers a high capacity of 500 L with superior dry particle composing capabilities – all within a smaller footprint than previous Nobilta models.

Delivering solvent-free coating of ultrafine particles, the Nobilta Vercom is a cost-effective alternative to traditional wet processes because of the short operation time and no requirement for chemical binders.

Producing particles with a dense coating layer in a short time, the unit has applications in the following areas:

  • batteries, capacitators, fuel cells
  • magnetic materials – improving packing density
  • pharmaceutical design
  • dental and electronic ceramics
  • composite polymers
  • toner – surface treatment of carrier particles.

The impact, compression and shear force work on each particle with the unique rotor and internal design deliver uniform composing. Composing and precise mixing is controlled through adjustments to rotor speed and residence time.

The unit’s cooling jacket prevents sticking and product degradation, making it suitable for even difficult to handle or soft materials. A range of optional parts is available for the processing of abrasive materials.

The new Nobilta Vercom (NOB-VC) is designed with a vertical structure for a smaller footprint and increased access for ease of maintenance.