mettler toledo logoWeighing is critical to most manufacturing processes. However, many manufacturers overlook the importance of regular maintenance of their weighing assets, leading to equipment failure and downtime.

A new METTLER TOLEDO article details 11 reasons why proactive, rather than reactive, maintenance can help manufacturers protect their important profit margins.

The article asserts manufacturers hurt themselves by consciously or unconsciously implementing a “reactive” maintenance programme.

This approach may be described as allowing equipment to run until failure, then repairing or replacing it. While this may save money in the short term, recent studies confirm that run-to-failure management is an unpredictable and expensive maintenance approach that causes downtime, higher repair costs, and increased risk of out-of-tolerance products.

In stark contrast to a reactive approach, a proactive mindset that includes regularly scheduled preventive maintenance is the more economical approach to ensuring productive, accurate equipment performance. The article details the most compelling reasons for integrated preventive maintenance, including the significantly reduced probability of equipment breakdowns and extension of equipment life.

Benefits like these result in much lower ownership costs during the life of the equipment. To learn more about how preventive maintenance can help save money and enhance productivity for manufacturing operations, download the article today.