INvestment Finance MoneyNetScientific plc, the transatlantic biomedical and healthcare technology group, announces that as part of an ongoing review of its portfolio, it has started to divest certain projects that fall outside of its core areas of focus.

As a result of this process, NetScientific has now divested control of RoboScientific Ltd to management. The group has also started to divest its other non-healthcare company, MOF Technologies Ltd, and is discontinuing support for certain projects and companies, including Morphodyne SA, QLIDA Diagnostics, Inc. and Advanced Biosensors, Inc. A full update will be included in the interim results.

These strategic decisions have been made as the group continues to realign the portfolio to focus on its three core areas in healthcare. These are sectors with attractive growth markets where breakthrough technology solutions are in high demand. The group will be concentrating on its lead companies and further strengthening its relationships with strategic partners to build a unique transformative portfolio.

Francois Martelet, CEO of NetScientific, said: “Our focus is firmly set on accelerating growth of our lead companies whilst continuing to work with the best and most innovative institutions with breakthrough technologies in our core areas of focus: digital health, diagnostics and therapeutics.”