Medpharm_USAMedPharm (, the world leading topical and transdermal drug formulation development specialist, has officially opened its new USA based subsidiary: MP Pharma Services Inc.

Already, the first client studies have been completed on-site following full equipment and process validation.

“Our new laboratories enable pharmaceutical companies to test various topical and transdermal formulations such as creams, gels and sprays for both new and existing drugs,” says Professor Marc Brown, cofounder and CSO.

“During the last 20 years, MedPharm has established an undisputed leadership position in topical and transdermal formulation development. We have built strong relationships with many of the major US pharmaceutical players and this major investment will enable us to provide our clients with an even faster response to their development challenges, whether it is for new chemical entities, reformulation, generics or claim substantiation.”

Dr Jon Lenn, VP MedPharm US, says: “I am excited to have joined MedPharm with its high level of scientific rigor and new US laboratories in North Carolina.  We are looking forward to offering clients a host of innovative biological models and automated systems that will greatly derisk and expedite their development programmes.”

The facility will provide clients with access to MedPharm’s unique and novel in vitro models. These allow assessment of new drug candidate libraries and formulation performance through efficacy, target engagement and delivery testing in quicker and more reliable ways than previously possible.

“This is an exciting milestone for MedPharm. Adding local capacity and bringing on board new proprietary testing models and high throughput screens will give our North and South American clients the best opportunity yet of reaching the market with the innovative products we help develop for them,” commented Dr Andrew Muddle, cofounder and CEO.