750x195 press panelsLife science organizations leverage contract research organizations (CROs) to help them supplement in-house expertise and fulfil clinical trial objectives. Traditionally, CROs undertake trial execution duties while trial sponsors retain the bulk of trial planning in-house. However, a recent study by business intelligence firm Cutting Edge Information finds that many surveyed trial sponsors intend to increase CROs’ role in the trial planning process within the next 3–5 years.

About 34% of surveyed pharmaceutical and device teams already involve third party vendors in strategic planning, and about half outsource the bulk of clinical trial design to CROs. By 2020, surveyed teams project that the level of vendor involvement in life science team-sponsored studies will increase from 34% to 56%.

“Part of the shift in vendor involvement may owe to sponsor teams’ heightened emphasis on clinical trial structure,” said senior research analyst Sarah Ray. In the past, life science teams prioritized clinical study outcomes, sometimes at the expense of trial feasibility. Involving vendors in the protocol design process may help sponsors to create a more balanced clinical trial approach.

Developing a strong operational foundation for clinical studies is a necessity for pharma and device organizations alike. Working hand-in-hand with knowledgeable third party groups can help sponsors’ clinical teams fine-tune study protocols and expedite trial timelines.

“Clinical Outsourcing: Leverage Sponsor-CRO Relationships to Accelerate Trial Timelines,” available here, guides clinical executives through clinical outsourcing partnerships and planning. Report highlights include

  • metrics detailing clinical trial activities from pharmaceutical, device, CRO and site perspectives
  • data on surveyed teams’ vendor selection process and preferred collaboration type (master services agreement versus functional service provider)
  • best practice recommendations and projected costs associated with selected patient recruitment activities
  • profiles of 17 pharmaceutical, biotech, device and CRO-managed clinical trials, including overall trial costs, number of enrolled patients and sites and clinical team size

For more information about clinical outsourcing practices, please visit http://www.cuttingedgeinfo.com/research/clinical-development/outsourcing-selection-strategy/.