Female Scientific Research Team With Clear Solution In LaboratorLeukoDx, an emerging leader in the field of fully automated cell-based assays, and GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business, a provider of technologies and expertise to the biopharmaceutical and life sciences industries, have entered into an agreement to address topics in cell characterization for cell therapy manufacturing.

Under the terms of this agreement, LeukoDx will develop for GE Healthcare, technology aimed at simplifying and expediting the process of cell characterization during cell therapy manufacturing. Further details of the agreement were not disclosed.

The production of cell-based therapies varies in key ways from biomanufacturing processes. Time pressure to generate the therapeutic cell dose is far greater while working with smaller volumes and numbers of unique and precious cells. This raises new and specific requirements for the characterization of cells to become and be maintained as therapeutically relevant.

Julien Meissonnier, President and CEO of LeukoDx, commented: “This agreement with GE opens exciting possibilities for us. It is a great opportunity to harness our experience and technology we have established in the diagnostic market with Accelix and leverage them for cell therapy manufacturing. The recent achievements in cancer treatment start to address some of the most severe diseases of our time.”

“LeukoDx is excited to be part of the team to make these therapies successful and to be there for patients at the diagnosis as well as the production of their personalized therapies. We’re looking forward to working with GE, and to further help the dynamic and fast-moving biopharmaceutical industry meet its ongoing challenges,” he added.

Phil Vanek, GM of Cell Therapy Technologies at GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business, said: “GE is focused on reliable, scaled-out manufacturing workflows that enable successful commercialization of cell therapies. Improved tools need to allow manufacturers to get information about the cells at every step of the process. Applying our deep knowledge and experience in cell bioprocessing to develop start-to-finish solutions, we hope to support the cell therapy industry’s goal of safely and effectively treating patients suffering from devastating diseases such as cancer.”