pregnant-womanThere isn’t a more important time to maintain proper nutrition then during pregnancy. Improper nutrition can lead to a variety of complications. For that reason, Kirkman, an Oregon-based nutraceutical company, has developed a full-line of supplements specially formulated to support optimal nutritional care during the preconception and prenatal period.

The most recent addition to Kirkman’s Before BabyT family of products, is Before BabyT PreNatal Advanced Care Vitamin and Mineral with 5-MTHF Formula. This product contains 23 different nutrients. In this new formulation, special attention has been given to folates, which are a class of B vitamins.

Folate is the nutrient recommended most by doctors during pregnancy because inadequate levels during pregnancy can lead to serious complications. Kirkman’s Before BabyT PreNatal Advanced Care Vitamin and Mineral with 5-MTHF Formula contains 100% of the recommended daily dose of folate.

The form of folate usually prescribed has been folic acid. However, studies have shown that up to 20% of women have a genetic variant, which makes them unable to completely metabolize conventional folic acid. Certain gastrointestinal conditions can also prevent folic acid metabolization. 5-Methyltetrahydrafolate (5-MTHF) is an activated form of folate, making it far more bioavailable than folic acid.

In one study, subjects who were given 5-MTHF had 700 times the amount of total folate level in their blood as compared with those who were given an equivalent amount of folic acid.

Kirkman’s Before BabyT line is patterned after the Foresight Study done in the United Kingdom in the early 1990s, which investigated optimizing nutrition and avoiding toxic compounds before and during pregnancy. Scientists who conducted this study reported an amazing absence of complications compared to the British national averages of couples not in the study.