Howard Marriage

Translator and Entrepreneur in Residence

The Francis Crick Institute

Howard Marriage currently serves as the Translator and Entrepreneur in Residence for the Francis Crick Institute and Sunergos Innovations and chairman of Neurocentrx Pharma, Aquila BioMedical and Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Services.

Howard Marriage

Over the last 11 years he has been active in the shaping translation projects in academia and companies covering diverse life science areas from drug discovery, probiotics, stem cells, devices, diagnostics, consumer health and medical informatics.

Howard has over 4 decades of  bench to board room experience in Biotech, Pharma and Academia working for US Biotech Genzyme over 13 years of rapid growth in science, business and IP, 6 years UK Biotech Cyclacel founded by David Lane in business and research operations. Early career as a technician for 5 years with  Beechams and Wellcome followed by BSc and DPhil at Southampton and Oxford.