fda-logoWhat you need to know:  Consumers who have used any of the Baidyanath brand Ayurvedic dietary supplements listed below should stop using them and consult their healthcare provider.

Testing by the New York Department of Health and the US Food and Drug Administration has found that these products contain high levels of lead and/or mercury, which can cause serious health problems.

The products are manufactured by Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan in India and sold in the United States at retail and via the Internet. One major retailer has recalled the products. The FDA is working to identify other companies that may have sold the products.

When lead builds up in the body, it can cause serious health problems, including permanent damage to the nervous system. This can result in learning difficulties, developmental delay and other long-term health problems, especially in young children.

If a pregnant woman is exposed to high levels of lead, it could affect her unborn child in the same way, or may cause miscarriage. The problems that might occur depend on how much lead a person consumes and how long they consume it. Because lead builds up in the body with time, even apparently healthy people could have high levels of lead in their blood. Some signs of lead poisoning may include loss of memory, unexplained high blood pressure, severe constipation or pain, numbness or tingling of the arms and legs.

Excessive exposure to mercury can cause kidney or gastrointestinal problems with short-term use, while exposure over a month or longer could lead to neurological problems and potentially be fatal. High levels can also affect the development of the nervous system of a pregnant woman’s unborn child. Some signs of mercury poisoning may include loss of coordination, vision or hearing, “pins and needles” sensations usually in the hands, feet, and around the mouth, or muscle weakness.

The FDA recommends that consumers avoid the following products:

  • Baidyanath brand Agnitundi Bati
  • Baidyanath brand Arogyavardhini Bati
  • Baidyanath brand Brahmi Bati
  • Baidyanath brand Chitrakadi Bati
  • Baidyanath brand Gaisantak Bati
  • Baidyanath brand Marichyadi Bati
  • Baidyanath brand Rajahpravartini Bati
  • Baidyanath brand Saptamrit Lauh
  • Baidyanath brand Sarivadi Bati
  • Baidyanath brand Shankh Bati


Who should know: Anyone taking any of these Baidyanath brand Ayurvedic dietary supplements should be aware of the potential for heavy metal poisoning. In general, Infants, small children, pregnant women, and people with underlying kidney disorders tend to be more at risk for heavy metal poisoning. Heath care providers who see patients with symptoms of lead or mercury poisoning should ask whether they are taking or have taken these Ayurvedic dietary supplements.

What to do

  • If you are taking any of these Baidyanath brand Ayurvedic products, stop taking them immediately and consult your health care provider; even if you are not having symptoms and feel healthy, you could have high levels of lead or mercury in your body
  • If you believe that you are having an adverse event related to these products, seek immediate medical care or advice from a poison control centre
  • Pregnant women and parents of children who may have taken any of these products should ask their health care provider whether medical testing may be warranted.


Why this advice is important: Certain Baidyanath brand Ayurvedic dietary supplements that contain high levels of lead and mercury are dangerous and can cause serious health problems.