cloud-computing-dataERT, a global data and technology company that minimises risk and uncertainty in clinical trials, has announced the launch of its refreshed eCOA technology environment, which dramatically simplifies the implementation and management of trials that require collection of Clinical Outcomes Assessments.

Designed to support simple to the most complex studies, ERT’s eCOA environment collects patient data anywhere, anytime and in any language, and can be provisioned across mobile devices, web browers and patients’ own devices (known as BYOD or bring your own device).

On-device calculations and medical device integrations enable real-time access to operational and clinical data, so sponsors see how their study is performing and ensure patient safety.

“We are shattering the commonly held misconception that a paper-based solution is easier or less expensive than technology,” said Ron Sullivan, Executive Vice President, eCOA at ERT. “ERT’s eCOA environment has all the quality, consistency and administrative benefits inherent with an electronic solution, and now is easy to implement and even easier to manage.”

ERT’s eCOA environment provides uniform data collection with more efficient study change management and mitigates the need for manual data reconciliation. Formerly customised features are now included as standard, and pre-onfigured study components are widely available.

Additionally, complimentary protocol review by ERT’s expansive team of patient reported outcomes (PRO)/eCOA Clinical Scientists ensures fit-for-purpose design on every study.

“Now we can enable sponsors to focus on clinical research — not the minutiae of data collection and assimilation,” continued Sullivan. “Trial leaders can reduce uncertainty and have confidence in their collected data, while keeping studies on time and on budget.”

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