moringaGreen Virgin Products, the leading provider of the world’s most potent, responsibly harvested and eco-friendly moringa products, has just released a new guide to help people better understand how something as simple as moringa leaf powder can help them achieve improved wellness and well-being.

Superfoods are being touted by experts because of their long list of known health benefits. Namely, most are rich in antioxidants, which help to find damaged cells in the body (called free radicals) and neutralize them. But other superfoods also contain high amounts of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids — which also have been studied and are known to promote well-being.

Moringa leaf powder is gaining in popularity because of the fact that it’s a rare superfood that contains all of these elements. In fact, studies have found that a single serving of the powder (in capsule form) contains more than 40 antioxidants, 70 nutrients, 8 amino acids and a long list of vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatories. The plant has been the focus in hundreds of relatively recent clinical studies and has been found to be helpful in helping reduce the symptoms of a wide array of illnesses and ailments.

According to Green Virgin’s newest guide, moringa leaf powder contains the following: 17 times more calcium than milk, 7 times more vitamin C than oranges, 4-10 times more vitamin A than carrots, 15 times more potassium than bananas and 36 times more magnesium than eggs!

Read the complete guide here.