clinical trialeClinicalHealth Limited, a cloud-based e-clinical technology company, has released a white paper entitled “Using Technology to Improve Trial Candidate Conversion Rates.”

In the paper, Kai Langel, Director of Patient Solutions and cofounder at eClinicalHealth Limited, explores the use of technology within a digital recruitment strategy with several industry thought leaders, summing up their experiences with best practices and offering useful advice.

“Nearly every sponsor and investigative site with an active trial is exploring additional methods to supplement site-based recruitment and meet enrollment goals,” Langel said.

“In conversations with my peers, I overwhelmingly hear that the addition of a technology partner — such as Clinpal, a patient-centred clinical trial engagement platform — to patient recruitment strategies helps to boost study candidate conversion rates by facilitating an efficient and transparent candidate enrolment workflow. ”

Those interviewed for the white paper shared their goals for reducing costs and speeding up enrolment timelines, and discussed the challenges of losing study participants during the handoff to investigational sites.

In the paper, Langel describes technology’s role in mitigating these risks and more efficiently enrolling qualified patients into a trial. Download the paper for free at