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Medherant wins Excellence in Science and Technology Award

Medherant is delighted to announce they have been awarded the Excellence in Science & Technology Award at the Coventry Telegraph Business Awards. These Awards are a celebration of companies in Coventry and Warwickshire that have achieved success for themselves, their staff and their customers. The award recognises Medherant’s rapid progress and innovation in the development of next-generation [...]

Breakthrough in Topical Delivery of Large Molecule Drugs: New Hope for Psoriasis Sufferers

New research, to be published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology by UK and US scientists this month, challenges current theories on the permeation and penetration of large molecular weight molecules across and into human skin. The authors of the study believe it could have significant implications for the discovery of new dermatological products for [...]

Synpromics Announces Gene Therapy Research Partnership with Solid Biosciences

Synpromics Ltd, the leader in gene control, has announced a new research partnership with Solid Biosciences. Under the terms of the agreement, Synpromics will provide Solid Biosciences access to a set of key muscle-selective promoter candidates to be used in the development of new treatment options for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). The use of Synpromics’ [...]

Scientists Present Positive Progress in the Development of a New Class of Broad-Spectrum Organogold Antibiotics

Domainex and Auspherix have announced new data from their collaboration to develop novel candidate drugs to tackle the growing threat of resistance to antibiotics. The exciting data, disclosed in both a poster and an oral presentation by Dr Jonathan Powell from Domainex at the 19th RSC/SCI Medicinal Chemistry Symposium in Cambridge, UK, describe the discovery of three distinct chemical series, all [...]

SGS Clinical Research Strengthens its Consultancy Service to Accelerate Drugs Through Early Phase Development

SGS clinical research has strengthened its early phase drug development services by consolidating its consultancy portfolio into a single, comprehensive offering. Primarily aimed at small and medium-sized biotechnology and spin-off companies, this broad-reaching service will be able to support companies through designing a focused strategy, and bringing compounds from the non-clinical to the clinical phase [...]

Regenerative Medicine and the Benefits of Cell-Based Combinatorial Screening Technology

The purpose of regenerative medicine is to replace or regenerate diseased cells, tissues or entire organs to restore or establish normal function. This may be achieved by a variety of means, including the use of cell and gene therapy, tissue engineering or regenerative drug therapy. The allogeneic transplantation of bone marrow or umbilical cord blood [...]

Major Progress in Next-Generation Medicines Initiative

Juniper Pharma Services, a subsidiary of Juniper Pharmaceuticals, Inc., has reached a key milestone in its work with CrystecPharma and the Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI) to create a new platform to accelerate drug development. The contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) now has CrystecPharma’s supercritical fluid technology platform on-site. Validation is underway to enable its use in the production of clinical trial [...]

PatSnap Launches Cloud Platform to Accelerate Drug Research

PatSnap, the global intellectual property analytics company backed by Sequoia and used by innovative companies to accelerate their research and development (R&D), has announced the launch of Chemical by PatSnap, a Software as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that combines innovation data with vital and relevant scientific information into one single and easily searchable interface. Chemical by PatSnap [...]

Further Industry Award for Nemaura Pharma

Nemaura Pharma, the fast-growing UK medical technology company, is a finalist in the Medilink UK industry awards having received the Medilink East Midlands Innovation award for its unique transdermal drug delivery technologies. Included in the award citation is the Nemaura patented Micro-Patch product, which provides a highly consistent and effective method for better delivery of biologics and vaccines through the skin using a low cost disposable device. This latest recognition by life [...]

The Impact of Calorimetry Based 3D Phenotype Assays

Magnus Jansson, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, SymCel Sverige AB A necessity for drug discovery and personalised medicine Modern drug discovery is based predominantly on parameter research. Individual factors such as gene expression levels, protein levels, protein activity and localisation are measured and extrapolated into in vivo function for treatment in humans. The measurement of factors [...]