Cellectricon and CensoCellectricon AB and Censo Biotechnologies Ltd are announcing the introduction of a joint technology access programme for a fully humanised phenotypic screening platform targeting preclinical neuroscience and chronic pain research.

The approach combines induced pluripotent stem cell-derived (iPSC-derived) cells, sourced and produced by Censo, with Cellectricon’s unique screening technologies, IP and expertise.

The platform will enable high quality phenotypic screening of medium throughput libraries in customised human iPSC-derived diseased and healthy control models.

Hits can be further evaluated in secondary/safety assays using human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes and CNS neurons. This battery of human, functional assays will produce a highly refined short list of compounds ready for clinical testing.

“Differences in target composition and neuronal processing between humans and model organisms may lead to poor translation between animal studies and the clinical setting. By gaining access to human cells from virtually any disorder, our collaboration with Censo has significantly enhanced our discovery services offering for CNS and chronic pain research. We can now detect compound effects both on the cellular and network level,” said Cellectricon’s VP Discovery Services Paul Karila.

“Offering better clinical translation through the application of a fully humanised screening platform, this novel programme will accelerate our clients’ discovery efforts in CNS and pain research.”

Censo’s CEO, Aidan Courtney, added: “There is an excellent alignment between Censo and Cellectricon. Our extensive expertise in the production of ethically approved human iPSCs and derivatives adds further value to Cellectricon’s proprietary discovery services. We are very excited that this programme will enable clients to access highly relevant screening cascades.”