Close-up of a Calculator and Pen on a Financial Newspaper.  Blue-toned.Blue Latitude Health, a new breed of creative marketing consultancy specializing in healthcare, is pleased to announce that Martin Brass, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Blue Latitude Health, and David McKimm, Director, Strategy and Supplier Management for the Centre of Excellence at Johnson & Johnson, will co-present at the 5th Annual ProcureCon Healthcare conference on Tuesday 1 March in Zurich (Switzerland) at 3:00 pm.
David and Martin will present on the topic “Optimizing Your Marketing Spend in New Ways to Create Value for Your Customers,” which is part of the Innovation track. The presentation tells the journey that a client and agency go on and aims to change the way the procurement professionals, in the audience, think about optimizing value. They share the working practices that Blue Latitude Health and Johnson & Johnson developed as creative and strategic partners, enabling them to deliver value to the business as well as services and collateral that truly met the end users’ needs.
David McKimm commented: “Today, in 2016, we are marketing our products in a highly competitive multichannel world. There are not just three or four channels, but there is a proliferation of channels, choices and expectations. This fragmented and complex environment is the backdrop for working with different marketing partners. At Johnson & Johnson, we recognized some time ago that we needed to approach things differently: rather than being product focused, we began to be customer focused, which meant transforming our business and marketing processes and working in a different way.”
Martin Brass said: “Our combination of heritage, approach and capability gives us a unique perspective in healthcare marketing. It means we’re ideally placed to unlock the potential in products and services. We are exceptionally proud of our partnership with Johnson & Johnson, and the work we have jointly undertaken that truly changes behaviours in their customers and delivers value against their wider business objectives.’’
For more information on Martin Brass and David McKimm’s presentation: link. For more information on ProcureCon Healthcare, click here.