business-agreement-300x133biOasis Technologies Inc. (BTI) announces that it has entered into a license agreement to collaborate with Astellas Research Institute of America. The terms of the agreement, for competitive reasons, remain confidential, as do the specific therapeutic targets and work programmes.

The companies intend to collaborate on the internalization and assessment of the biOasis Transcend technology.

“We at biOasis are looking forward to working with Astellas’s US Research Institute in the pursuit of taking Transcend commercially forward,” says Rob Hutchison, CEO, biOasis. “During the coming months, biOasis and Astellas will work to outline specific programmes and to commence the execution of them in a timely manner.”

biOasis Technologies is a biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Based on Transcend, biOasis’ proprietary brain delivery platform, the company is focused on enabling pharmaceutical companies to deliver their brain-targeted therapeutics.

By doing so, new therapeutics are created that can cross the blood-brain barrier to address unmet medical needs in the treatment of brain diseases such as neurodegeneration, metastatic cancer and metabolic diseases.