business agreement handshakeArix Bioscience Limited, a global healthcare and life science company supporting medical innovation, has provided equity capital to Depixus, an early stage company, based in Paris, France, that is developing novel technologies for combined genetic and epigenetic analysis.

Arix Bioscience sources, finances and develops businesses addressing medical innovation at all stages of development. Edward Rayner of Arix Bioscience has joined the board of Depixus to provide strategic input to the company.

Depixus is developing a core technology platform known as SIMDEQ (Single molecule Magnetic Detection and Quantification), on which the goal is to extract genetic and epigenetic information from nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) at levels of detail and accuracy not achievable with current technologies. 

Dr Joe Anderson, Chief Executive Officer of Arix Bioscience, said: We are delighted to support the exciting innovations underpinning Depixuss novel approach to genetic and epigenetic analysis.  Epigenetics is an important new frontier in understanding the relationship between genes and disease, and has significant potential application in the development of new targeted medicines.

SIMDEQ is based on research coming out of FranceÉcole Normale Supérieure.

Gordon Hamilton, CEO of Depixus, commented: We are extremely pleased to have the financial and strategic support of Arix, which will help us to accelerate our development programmes and bring forward the timelines for reaching many of our key milestones.