european_patentApplied DNA Sciences, Inc., a provider of DNA-based supply chain, anticounterfeiting and anti-theft technology, product genotyping and product authentication solutions, has announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office has granted US Patent No. 9,266,370, entitled, “DNA Marking of Previously Undistinguished Items for Traceability” to APDN on 23 February 2016.

This is the first patent to issue from a new generation of patent applications that do not begin to expire before October of 2032, providing Applied DNA with a very strong, broad based patent portfolio for years to come. We expect the next patent in this group to issue in the next few weeks.

The intellectual property (IP) protected by this patent covers the use of the company’s proprietary DNA to mark, authenticate and track items with DNA in the coating or in the material itself. It is applicable in a broad range of markets, including, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, industrial materials and electronics.

In fact, this is the very same technology that was being demonstrated at the Medical Japan Expo 2016 last week. This patent further secures the company’s proprietary use of DNA printing and helps to further differentiate Applied DNA in the marketplace.

Dr Benjamin Liang, Chief Scientific Officer, APDN, stated: “This patent demonstrates our continuous effort to expand our DNA marking and traceability capability into various printing/marking modalities for a wide range of products such as electronics, pharmaceutical, automotive and household items. The issuance of this patent will provide a strong support for our efforts in building SigNature DNA marking business in both pharmaceutical and home asset markings.”

This patent strengthens the company’s position by protecting and expanding the proprietary methodologies used to mark items with DNA. This Patent describes methods of using DNA in an activated form to mark goods, together with optical or chemical markers for authentication or tracking purposes.

Dr James Hayward, CEO of APDN, stated: “Our IP estate is among our most valuable assets, including now more than 35 issued patents and more than 75 pending. Patents protect the products and methodologies we have spent millions of dollars to perfect. We intend to enforce our patent rights in every business category.”