Algatech AstaxanthinAlgatechnologies (booth K72) will highlight its all-natural AstaPure line of astaxanthin products at VitaFoods 2016.

One of the company’s newest products is AstaPure 5% astaxanthin in oleoresin form, developed to meet growing demand in the market. As a small dosage is typically required for an astaxanthin supplement, the 5% oleoresin — derived from Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae‑provides a high concentration while still permitting a small capsule form for easy swallowing. AstaPure oleoresin also is also available in astaxanthin concentrations of 10% and 20%.

All AstaPure products can be used in multiple forms of supplements, cosmeceuticals, and functional foods and beverages. New product development at Algatechnologies is ongoing for applications including direct-compression tablets and hard-shell capsules.

Algatechnologies is a leading manufacturer of natural astaxanthin oleoresin derived from microalgae using a sustainable, closed cultivation system driven by natural sunlight. Algatechnologies fully controls astaxanthin production and is able to track every batch throughout the supply chain. All AstaPure products are manufactured using supercritical CO2 technology, without solvents.