clinical trialKMR Group, a leader in analysing R&D performance data for the biopharmaceutical industry, is pleased to announce the release of the 2015 Best Places For Clinical Research rankings reports. The reports help trial planners to select the best performing countries for their upcoming trials.

The Best Places for Clinical Research report series ranks more than 90 countries on clinical trial performance using data from over 5000 trials in 2010–2014. The reports are disease based and provide a detailed assessment of overall performance based on eight key factors that assess patient access, recruitment, infrastructure and cost of doing business.

Each report provides a detailed evaluation of each country based on individual performance factors as well as in aggregate. Rankings are also included for the individual measures in addition to overall. The scoring system makes an at glance evaluation possible. KMR Group sees the Best Places For Clinical Research as an important step in making the use of robust performance details common practice for those in the Industry.

To promote the report series, KMR Group has provided the top 3 ranked countries by disease on their website.

“Trial placement is critical and ranking countries has historically been a challenge for planners. The Best Places for Clinical Research series provides the depth, ease of use and disease focus only offered by KMR,” commented Linda Martin of KMR Group.